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Dan Wiktorek is the owner and head strength coach at Midwest Fitness & Sports Performance and has committed himself to the academic understanding and practical application of all aspects of strength and power training, conditioning, and athlete sports performance for almost 30 years. He trains athletes and everyday individuals with an experienced and professional approach, helping them achieve their strength and performance goals.
He has trained and been mentored under some of the most successful and knowledgeable strength experts, including Charles Poliquin, widely regarded as the best strength coach in the world. Dan has attained the Poliquin Level 3 (National) Coach certification through the Poliquin International Certification Program, having trained athletes that have gone on to become State, National, and World champions.

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If you are paying a membership fee at a gym that offers you no motivation and little in the way of results, you are not alone…


Owner Dan Wiktorek has over 30 years’ experience in the weight room, including over 19 years as a strength coach and personal trainer…


Midwest Fitness & Sports Performance has considerable success training varied clients from all ages and levels of experience….

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“A huge thanks to Dan at Midwest Fitness & Sports Performance for all the care and specific training he pushed Sandy through in all her workouts! Dan has helped Sandy achieve her goals and more. He has never let her give up, even when she was down with an injury he created a rehab workout for her and she came back to the court stronger and jumping higher than she did before her surgery. His detail to proper lifting and proper nutrition- along with his motivation, helped Sandra become a National and World champion!!! Thank you Dan for all you do!!!"

-Debbie Mohr

for daughter Sandy

2016 AAU Junior World Volleyball Champion October 13, 2016